Want to save up for a house deposit? Ready for a new Start?

Lochs and Glens Holidays are recruiting live-in team members to work in their hotels in Scotland. No experience is needed, just an enthusiastic approach and a positive attitude.

We have full time roles in all departments and there are management training opportunities for anyone that wants to progress in hospitality.

£8.91 per hour for aged 23+. £8.36 per hour for 18 to 22 year olds. Live in costs are only £34 per week For food, accommodation, heating and electricity.

With living costs so low, a couple can easilY save up for a house deposit in a year or two.

Illustration of income for a basic rate tax payer with full personal allowance using 2021/22 PAYE National Insurance and Pension rates.

Over 22 18 to 22
Team member working 40 hours per week£18,532£17,388 
Tax, National Insurance & Pension £2,982£2,580
Live in costs per year £1,768£1,768
Available for savings £13,785£13,042

If you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life, email jobs@lochs.com